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Eduardo was right on point!

Even though I have been clearing my limiting beliefs for a while now I still had some deep blocks and he’s the best facilitator I could have ever asked for.

Because of his level of commitment and knowledge he can be very precise translating all the messages my Higher Self is sending me.

I feel the relief and the transformation in my my every session. It’s just amazing! He definitely is a gift to this world.

Marina Rios, Business Coach CT

Eduardo “Lalo’s” expertise have been life changing for myself and my kids. He has overcome great obstacles and transformed his life by developing his gifts. He now shares his gifts with others in a non-judgmental, safe and gentle way that allows for in depth processing, whether it be a physical, mental, emotional, or a spiritual issue. His total presence and guidance has empowered me with a multitude of tools and has supported me with anxiety, PTSD, physical pain, chronic illness and much more. Having tried hundreds of modalities and working with many practitioners, no one else has taken the time and energy to really help me heal on all levels. It has been an honor to work with him.


Whenever I meet with Eduardo, I leave with an abundance of knowledge to move forward. His loving guidance helps me clear away blocks and elevates my energy. Eduardo is generous, kind, and joyful. He has a way to reach the root of issues and either clear them or help guide me on how to clear them. I am grateful for the guidance and healing I receive from Eduardo.



Thank you so much for the session yesterday, it’s remarkable how much better I feel today! Really, my neck and shoulder pain are nearly gone and I’ve been able to move all day, thanks. You are compassionate and are fantastic at what you do. Thanks you, thank you, thank you!!!


Katie  C. 

I felt very comfortable having a session by Eduardo. He read my body perfectly and identified and released what was needed for positive change. I got more clarity about limiting beliefs and my energy balance.



I was struggling with unresolved problems and Eduardo “Lalo” resolved them in our first session. I am appreciative and surprised by his connection with me. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for any kind of support.


The experience was incredible, and it assisted in seeing beyond the false versions… and helped me come out of the beliefs that aren’t in truth and it’s more clear now… the reconnection session was incredible for showing the body what it needs to heal. 


Thank for being you and an unconditionally loving light.


His Intuitive gift assisted me in identifying energetic cords that were binding to realities obscuring intuitive flow…bringing me to a centered understanding and embodiment.

While struggling with a chronic illness, I have often fallen into the snares of addiction and self sacrifice, and even amidst this, his guidance rooted in compassion, non-judgement, love and mutual concurrence between our Souls…helps foster a renewal within to release what does not serve my highest good and Soul expansion. 

Bee   New Jersey

Energy Medicine is real and powerful indeed, but in the hands of a very intuitive person like Eduardo it is a mind-blowing experience.  Besides being talented and gifted and having a great knowledge of this tool, Eduardo is a person with a golden heart whose intention is always to help his clients.  I am blessed to have crossed path with this amazing healer! 


I’m so grateful my healing path lead me to Eduardo. His healing journey has gifted him with compassion, tremendous intuition, empathy and a loving heart.

Although he customizes a unique treatment for each client drawing from the varied modalities in his tool box, he is steadfast in the orientation that he is simply a channel for Divine Healing Intelligence.

Always humble and grounded by gratitude, Eduardo not only heals but inspires.

Robin M

I met eduardo a couple of months ago and he is truly an inspiration for taking the lead on healing yourself. He is an incredibly talented intuitive and healer.  He has helped me and many others with complicated scenarios all with love and compassion. I’d highly recommend if anyone is feeling stuck emotionally, physically, spiritually, or mentally ❤️

M.K. (Facebook)

Ever since the beginning, you were an inspiration to me for many things, but especially for hope, for determination and perseverance, internal strength and will power. And that inspiration is still growing to this day. You are a kind and selfless soul, always giving me a useful perspective and positive vibes. The knowledge you share is just a bonus. I am lucky to have you as a friend. And you are a true one at that.

Thank you brother,

Daniel M.

Eduardo has helped me with blocks I experienced with our new ex stray dog.

Not only was he immediately “spot on”  on the problem, but the way he delivers this truths with clarity and love has helped me enormously to let go of my non helping behavior with the dog , without going into guilt or shame about it. Just knowing I did the best I could at that time, and even laughing a bit about it, looking back.  🙂  Thank you so much Eduardo!!



I have received so much physical and emotional healing support from Lalo.  His Quantum Healing abilities combined with his deep intuition and channeling skills makes us go straight to the root cause of what is meant to heal in the present moment.  In addition, his warmth and non-judgmental loving big heart provides the type of sacred space for deep transformation to happen through the healing.

Juan Carlos

My sessions with Eduardo “Lalo” were very beneficial. He uses many methods to find the root causes of physical and non-physical issues. I found that he was very invested in my healing and created a safe space for me to work through all of my blocks to healing. The physical issues one by one disappeared and I found myself in a much better place emotionally as well. He really understands what it feels like to overcome a chronic issue therefore he treats his clients with a great deal of compassion.

I recommend him wholeheartedly!

C. Tracy

I have been working with Eduardo “Lalo” for over a year and have experienced so many benefits from his various healing modalities. Some of my most profound sessions have been actually working through old beliefs and generational wounds as I have been going through a separation and divorce this last year. Lalo is profoundly intuitive and his ability to tune in and get to the heart of the matter almost immediately has helped me shift from a limited perspective into a more expansive viewpoint. He has also worked with me most recently when I was thrown from a horse and was in severe physical pain. His treatment took me out of pain and injury to complete ease and freedom in a matter of 24 hours. It was remarkable!

And my 9-year-old daughter has also benefitted greatly from his work. His work in the quantum field has helped address sensory and neurological issues that challenge her and I’ve seen marked improvement since his work with her. He is a gifted healer and has studied extensively to hone his skills and that combination makes his sessions highly beneficial. Highly recommend!


Michael G. LMT, RScP, RYT500

I can highly recommend working with Eduardo. I must say that I have never experienced work like this before, though I have experienced many modalities. I would describe Eduardo’s “style” as intuition driven, but based on an incredible first-hand knowledge about regaining health and clearing blocks. I am personally especially interested in personal blocks and success topics and find in Eduardo an excellent guide helping me through my blocks I didn’t even knew I had. Also in a  incredibly relaxed way he cleared my lifelong OCD, my nemesis. Not that no one else ever had really helped me with that, but I feel that with Eduardo I reached a deeper level of why I am experiencing this… and I am completely relaxed now that I will be able to weather this easily the next time by calling Eduardo for help/coaching.

When you work with Eduardo, haven pen and paper ready, because his intuitive style is a fast ride from topic to issue and home… love-work, as he calls it. In the few sessions I had with him I see my situation already change for the better massively and am looking to keep working with him until I am through … as he says, I am not his retirement plan. That’s a bit scary on the one hand, but exactly how it is… it’s very self-empowering, but I do not feel pushed at all… again, try him! Best,


An intuitive had introduced me to Eduardo.  I am at a place in my life where I really just want peace in my heart.  When I started working with him I was angry at life, not sleeping, and my marriage was broken.  Eduardo helped give me techniques to stay in the present moment.  I had a lot of childhood trauma to work through and broken relationships that needed healing.  I kept living in the past and it made me an angry person and honestly, I wasn’t a real joy to be around.  I needed to get out of my own way.  I didn’t feel like I could trust anyone.  I needed to learn how to take down the walls I built up over the years.  His techniques to stay in the present moment are wonderful.  I actually shared them with a family member who found it also beneficial.  He teaches you to stay grounded and not listen to the “monkey” mind as he calls it.  Also, how to handle different situations in a loving way.  I believe this is what he was truly called to do.  I would recommend him to anyone struggling to get out of their own way and deal with the past that is holding them back.