Meet Eduardo "Lalo"

Eduardo “Lalo” Ramos Ruiz is an Intuitive Guide and Healer living in Los Angeles. Bedridden for 9 years, preceded by two years in a wheelchair–an 11 year journey to regain health began with a thought: I shall walk again. Lalo’s healing method takes a “vertical integration” approach by guiding people to uncover the truth to clear blockages on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level.

Image of Eduardo Ramos standing in a portrait.

Eduardo's Healing Journey: 2010-2021

Eduardo Ramos pictured during his healing recovery. On the left he is sitting in his wheelchair in 2012. While on right Eduardo is bedridden during 2013.
Eduardo Ramos during his recovery. On the left, Eduardo is using an eliptical machine during 2018. On the right, Eduardo is sitting is his tilt recline mobility chair in Febuary 2020.

My healing session with Eduardo was wonderful! He did an energy scan that picked imbalances in my energy field and proceeded to balance them. He used his amazing intuitive gifts to identify, unblock and clear limiting beliefs I had in the way of healing a sinus infection. Eduardo has a beautiful and compassionate way of interacting with people, and I always feel at ease with him.

Thank you so much Eduardo xo,

Christine Devery

Eduardo is one of a kind!!
His wealth of knowledge and connection to his intuition create a power for healing like no one else on this planet!! He has helped me to clear blockages I’ve spent years working and to get my life back. His incredible gift of helping people to clear blockages they can’t see its truly special and unique.

When I think of Eduardo I think of someone who has the self belief to take on any challenge in the world. I admire his strength and honour his spirit. Forever greatful🙏

Sophie Jones

Working with Eduardo has been a life changer! Not only healthwise but also spiritualy. I was already housebound by mercury toxicity caused by an unsafe amalgam extraction and sick after taking an antibiotic, a bad situation. I started sessions with Lalo several months ago and has helped me heal all sort of strange symptoms including lack of energy, anxiety, depression, insomnia, crying spells while standing up, weak legs and reactions to supplements and treatments. Also emotionally he has helped me have the strength to deal with the situation.

Victor     Mexico City